the bomani federation of martial and healing arts
                                                      and the urban ritualist kungana

A 501(c)3 Public Charity

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Temple Services

We provide spiritual and nutritional counseling, personal phone prayer, and a Cultural Leadership Study Group on Sundays from 6pm ($10 fee). We offer personal training to our members who wish to serve in the Temple or develop their spiritual gifts for their personal enlightenment and to assist their family members and community groups.  The Temple staff are also trained in performing weddings and blessings of all types through the Universal Life Church.

The Urban Ritualist Kungana

Spiritual/Ancestral readings are available by appointment only.  Queen Afi uses the Dagara Cowrie Shell method of divination, the Elemental Medicine Wheel and the 64 Dakini Tantric Oracle Tarot Cards readings. Readings are available via phone, Skype (queenafi1) or ooVoo! Custom group and personal rituals are created to assist in your healing and transformation. 

Call to order Queen Afi's Natural Remedies (full body shea butter creams, peppermint lip balm, essential oil blends, and massage oils) (313)445-9832. 

RitualWorks! custom natural gemstone jewelry are available at www.etsy.com/shop/TheUrbanRitualist.  Coming in 2016,  our etsy store will include all products and services - plus new Ritual Kits to assist everyone in experiencing the power of ritual in their daily lives!  

Please support the Elemental Medicine Wheel App project on www.gofundme.com/urbanritualist.

Bomani Federation of Martial and Healing Arts

Classes are 1-1/2 hours, one day a week.  Current classes include:

Internal Energetic Healing to energize your internal systems and promote flexibility, balance, enhanced energy flow, and mental clarity through specific exercises in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, the 5 Irishis, and 5 Tibetans.  Mondays @ 6pm or Wednesdays @ 10am 

Physical Conditioning promotes physical wellbeing and increases strength and stamina using a regimen of over 30 movements from head to toe.  Thursdays @ 6pm or Saturdays @ 10am. 

Fees: $50/month for each class ($75 for couples) or $15/class for walk-ins.  Second class is an additional $25/month/person.  Monthly fees include free Cultural Study Group sessions and discounts on Temple products and services. Call for locations and to reserve your space (313)445-9832.  Private classes are available!