the bomani federation of martial and healing arts
                                                      and the urban ritualist kungana

A 501(c)3 Public Charity

The following are brief bios on the founders:

Rev. Dr. Bruce Landers began his training as a young teen under Mr. Furkawa, and was sent by Mr. Furkawa to train with Johnny Osaka, President of the Detroit Judo Club.  He went on to compete in National and World Cup Competitions and joined the Olympic training team in Colorado Springs.  He is nationally ranked and a member of the Kodakan Institute in Japan, and is certified as an Olympic trainer/coach in Judo under the U.S.A. Olympic Committee.  Rev. Dr. Landers (as Faouly Sekou Bomani) founded the Bomani Martial Arts Federation in the City of Detroit, and was incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1969.  He has worked with several community centers, youth programs, and religious organizations to foster the true understanding of African history and culture, and the true use of martial arts in developing a nation.  In his studies of mastering Jiu Jitsu, he trained under Dr. Moses Powell from whom he received his Grand Master ranking.  He has also taught Karate, Pressure Points in Self-Defense and Executive Security to various groups around the country.

Grand Master Sekou went on to found the Bomani Federation of Martial and Healing Arts in 1980 after extensive training around the country in various areas of alternative healing techniques.  He is certified in acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, qi gong healing, and mastered the use of meridians and energy flow manipulation.  He was among the first to incorporate the use of the Kemetic/Dogon mysteries in his studies of Ancient African philosophy and dance to understand their association with healing and spiritual development.  From these various disciplines and experiences, Rev. Dr. Landers has developed a system of energetic healing which includes energy flow, inducing trance states, ancestral and spiritual activation, space travel, and the use of dark matter/the black dot in cross-dimensional  communication and learning.  He became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and is a practicing shaman under the guidance of the Goddess Sekhmet and the Indigo Council.

Queen Afi Andaiye Najuma Reynolds is a Spiritualist and practicing Ritualist in the Detroit community since 2004.  She is the author of “The Urban Ritualist, a Guide to Practicing Rituals in Urban Settings,” (2011, Outskirts Press); “The Urban Ritualist Book 2, Journey to Know Your Self” (in production, Outskirts Press), and a Spiritual writer for the Examiner.com.  She is the organizer of the TUR Kungana! a collective of spiritually creative human beings dedicated to personal and world peace.

Queen Afi is an Ancestral Spiritual Reader; using the Dagara Cowrie Shell divination system from Burkino Faso, West Africa, the Elemental Medicine Wheel and the 64 Dakini Tantric Oracle Tarot Cards. She creates and facilitates group and individual rituals for clients around the world.  Queen Afi produces several organic/pure grade bodycare products (Queen Afi’s Natural Remedies)  and creates ritual kits and tools including a line of custom natural gemstone jewelry (RitualWorks! ), all using earth friendly and health conscious ingredients and processes as part of the Temple’s community fundraising effort.


Queen Afi is a certified Kemetic Yoga instructor under the Ausarian Tantra Yoga Institute (2004), specializing in breath work and meditation techniques.  She combines healing hands massage and internal energetic healing techniques for a holistic program of Spiritual Cultivation.  Queen Afi holds a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology and is Senior Consultant for R.A.W. (Ready, Able, and Willing) to Work, Inc., a work-readiness, sustainable technologies training program. She is leading their effort to identify and develop work opportunities in the community, which will allow training participants to provide services to small businesses, seniors and young families.  Queen Afi dedicates work to one organization in Detroit every year to help complete a sustainability project for that organization.

Peace and Many Blessings to You and Your Families!